Christmas Running in the Snow.

Week of December 21

This week was my cutback week at roughly 28 km. I currently run 4 times per week, however, this week I made some adjustments and ran the Kms over 3 days. The weather at this time is unpredictable. The trails and roadways were dry at the start of the week, then we saw rain and then we woke to snow-laden routes on Christmas Day.

Day 1/3 Distance: 6.02 km Avg pace: 6:01/km

Day 2/3 Distance: 10.02 km Avg pace: 6:57/km

Today was my first run ‘Snow Day’. Although it was a mild -1 °C, I chose to try my new Sealskinz Socks. My toes always suffer in cold weather and I vowed that would not be the case this winter. It was mild, but the socks kept my feet dry and warm on today’s trail run.

Day 3/3 Distance: 12.26 km Avg pace: 7:13/km

I enjoyed yesterday’s trail run so much that I decided to run it again today. Snow on trails and fields are a lot more appealing that the slush on the roadways.

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