Still Committed!

Another great week for running has come and gone. The weather was kind and I enjoyed every minute of each run. I mainly ran by feel in all of my runs, but it seems that I might need to do a fitness test to determine my new ‘easy’ pace.

Week of December 14,

Day 1/4 Distance: 8.9 km Avg pace: 6:11/km

Day 2/4 Distance: 8.47 km Avg pace: 6:03/km

Day 3/4 Distance: 10:06 km Avg pace: 6:44/km

It’s Coffee Run time!  We ran this at a nice comfortable, conversational pace.

I have been eager to get out and run each day. Having the right mindset has been key!

Day 4/4 Distance: 4.78 km Avg pace: 7:33/km

We cut this one shorter than our scheduled distance. The light drizzle did not bother us. The temperature was ideal for me and I felt strong, easily getting lost in my thoughts at this easy pace.