Welcome to Running in 2021

Week of December 28

This is the last week of 2020 and I am pleased to say that I was consistent in my running and in the latter stages of the year I embraced a new running mindset.  I enjoy running, therefore the language I use to describe each workout should reflect that love of running. 

My goal this week was for 36.5 km – my actual distance was 37.78 km.

I did not have my first run until Thursday of the week, so I ended up having a mini run streak to get my distance in.

Day 1 of 4  Distance:  7:90 km  Avg pace:  6:20/km

Day 2 of 4  Distance:  8.56 km  Avg pace:  6:49/km

Day 3 of 4  Distance:  8.70 km  Avg pace:  7:05/km 

Day 4 of 4  Distance:  12.62 km  Avg pace:  7:00/km